We are are a pre-development biotech company specializing in cancer diagnostics.


Angio360 is developing novel antibody-based cancer diagnostic tools.


Initially cofounded by postdoctoral fellows, Angio360 has assembled a diverse team of industry professionals and academic leaders.


Angio360 is applying patented biomarker technology to measure cancer-induced blood vessel growth.

About us


          Angio360 Diagnostics, LLC is a privately held pre-development company specializing in antibody-based products focused on improving the detection and treatment of canine and human cancers.

          Utilizing patented biomarkers uniquely associated with tumor angiogenesis (cancer blood vessel growth), Angio360’s mission is to provide innovative and non-invasive cancer monitoring tools for veterinarian and human oncologists to effectively diagnose and monitor cancer treatment for all cancer patients. Application of these tools will allow for more precise and efficient treatments, thus reducing the overall cost of care and improving patient outcomes.

          Marketed to veterinarians seeking to diagnose cancer, pharmaceutical companies engaged in late-stage drug development, and oncologists seeking efficiency in monitoring a patient’s therapeutic response, Angio360’s product line’s broad application has the potential to rapidly advance the landscape of cancer diagnostics



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